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Chamblee High School

Dekalb County Schools

Attendance Office

Chamblee High School Attendance Office
Dr. Ariana Magee, Assistant Principal – Attendance

Colin Renaldo, Attendance Adminstrative Assistant

Claudia Suarez-Barrios, Attendance Administrative Assistant




To submit an excuse to the attendance office, click the link below:

Attendance Procedures
 The school day begins at 8:10 a.m. and ends at 3:20 p.m. CHS students are expected to attend all class sessions. There is a direct correlation between a student's grades and his/her attendance. Daily attendance at school is necessary to achieve success in course work. Therefore, punctual and regular attendance is essential.

Once a student arrives at school, he/she is expected to remain until 3:20 p.m. Students who must leave school during the day must check out through the Attendance Office. Students are not allowed to leave campus for breakfast or lunch. Students who leave campus without properly checking out will receive disciplinary consequences. Students who check out must leave campus.


School Check-In


If a student arrives at school and has an appointment card, doctor's note, or parent note, they must go by the attendance office to turn in their note.


Students who fail to check in at the Attendance Office, upon arrival, will not be excused. STUDENTS MUST CHECK IN, EVEN IF THEY ARRIVE DURING TRANSITION.


Students who DO NOT have an excuse and arrive at school before 8:20am can go directly to class- the teacher will mark the student tardy.


All students who arrive at school after 8:20am, must sign in at the front office. Tardy will be recorded in Infinite Campus upon check-in.  


Parents are welcome to come in to check out their child; however, parents do not need to walk their child in if they are tardy. A note will suffice.


Admin is closely monitoring tardiness, so please remind your student that we will be doing random hall sweeps to ensure that students are getting to class on time. Detentions will be issued.

School Check-Out

Parents can sign their student out in the front office (must show a photo ID). The student will be called from the classroom at that time.


CHS is a closed campus. If a student decides to leave campus for lunch, they will receive a consequence.


Students must check out at the Attendance Office before leaving campus. Failure to check out will result in a consequence and absence will not be excused. Safety is a top priority.

Self Check-Out

Parents must submit a request using the Chamblee High School Attendance Submission the morning of check-out. Students will not be released if a request is made by phone; all requests must be made in writing. The email must match the email address on file with Chamblee High School in Infinite Campus. Requests must be received in time for the student to pick up a pass in the office to take to class indicating the time of check-out. WE DO NOT CALL STUDENTS WHO ARE SELF CHECKING-OUT OVER THE INTERCOM.  It is the student’s responsibility to pick up a pass to leave class. 


Students are required to sign out in the main office before leaving campus.  If a student fails to sign out, the absence will not be excused, and the student may face consequences.


If a student must miss class due to an appointment, the parent must provide the attendance office a doctor’s note or the provider appointment confirmation/card. This can either be brought in by the student upon their return or uploaded to the Chamblee High School Attendance Submission.

Full-Day Absences

Absences must be submitted to the Attendance Office – absences will not be excused by phone.  The parent can submit an excuse using the Chamblee High School Attendance Submission, or the student can bring a note when returning to school.  Please make sure to include the reason your student was absent.  Please include a doctor’s note if your child was absent due to an appointment. Students who are absent more than three consecutive days will be asked to provide a doctor's note. Also, please provide a note within five days of an absence, so we can maintain accurate attendance.


Per DCSD's Student code of Conduct, excused absences are defined by District Policy JB which also requires submission of appropriate documentation.  


Georgia law is as follows: personal illness; serious illness or death in the family; religious holiday; instances in which attendance could be hazardous as determined by the DeKalb County School District; registering to vote/voting in a public election; tests and physical exams for military service and the National Guard; and other such absences as provided for by law or by the local Board of Education.  


Georgia law also provides for special treatment of absences in the following circumstances:


  • Georgia law provides up to 5 days of excused absences for students whose parents are in the armed forces and who are called to duty or home on leave from overseas deployment in a combat zone.  

  • Students serving as Pages of the Georgia General Assembly will be counted as present for days missed from school for such service.  

  • Students volunteering to work as poll officers in the Student Teen Election Program (STEP) will be counted present for up to two (2) days of service in that program.

  • Foster care students attending court proceedings related to their foster care shall be credited as present for any day(s) or portion of a day missed from school for that purpose

Please download the attendance note to provide an explanation in the event that your child is absent or tardy.
If you are uncertain if your child is too sick to attend school, read the attached document to help you recognize symptoms.